attitudes, transactional analysis...

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attitudes, transactional analysis...

Postby tfdodo » Thu Aug 29, 2013 4:05 pm

let's be adult out there ? [not parent, not child...]

Interesting bit from the Megarider newsletter down under... casts some light on the "they're out to kill motorcyclists" mindset maybe..


One of the buzz phrases doing the rounds at the moment is The Primary Attribution Error.

It is interesting to view this in line with the use of Transactional Analysis while riding.

The Primary Attribution Error simply means:
When someone else does something ‘wrong’, we tend to attribute that wrong action to a character flaw. We use mental expressions such as “They’re a jerk”; “They don’t care”;”They are out to cause trouble”; “They are trying to piss me off”; etc.
Specifically in traffic we tend to think – “They are out to get motorcycle riders”; “They are a terrible driver”: “They are a menace”; etc.

But the other side of the Primary Attribution Error is that when WE do something ‘wrong’, we tend to attribute that wrong action to simply making an error or a minor bit of bad judgement.
So we think – “I’m a good person, I just had a lapse in judgment”; “I really do care about people and I didn’t mean to be difficult”; etc.
And when we specifically do something wrong in traffic we think – “I always leave a good following distance, I just lost focus there for a minute”; “I always look twice, I just forgot that one time”; etc.

So, next time someone’s driving is not to your liking, remember The Primary Attribution Error and note how you mentally react.

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