Doing It Right

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Doing It Right

Postby tfdodo » Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:46 am

...or "That which we manifest , is before us" (from "the art of racing in the rain", a great novel which isn't really about racing, or rain)

At this time of year there are additional challenges for those of us still riding, and in a few weeks those that have put the bikes away for the winter will be getting them out after a break. So here's a timely reminder.

It is sometimes hard to stay constantly aware of the link between "knowing Motorcycle Roadcraft" and "staying out of casualty".

In the last month TWO bloodbike riders have been injured in RTCs that should* have been avoidable.

One came off when confronted with a transit van that had stalled doing a U-turn. Remember "always be able to STOP in the distance you can see to be clear" ?
One came off because a motorist jumped a red light. Ever been encouraged to "clear green traffic lights before committing" ? [HWC says a green traffic light means "proceed if it is safe to do so"].

*you can never know the detail without having been there, so no direct criticism implied, and I hope they Get Well Soon. BUT if their 'misfortune' can help save somebody else...

Almost all the time, we influence our own destiny. The whole point of advanced riding is that of it goes wrong I'm afraid it's OUR fault for not foreseeing and avoiding it, whichever motorist made the first mistake. (and of course we're the ones who wind up in casualty)

But the good news is IF WE DO IT RIGHT, pretty much all the time we can ENSURE that we are OK, rather than rolling the dice and hoping.
It takes skills, attitude and concentration, all the time. A small price to pay.
Rubber side down,
Nick A (SO-Team B)

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Re: Doing It Right

Postby dorris1988 » Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:50 pm

brilliant post. hope the blood bikers are recovering well.
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