Holiday on Ice

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Holiday on Ice

Postby DucJohn » Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:44 pm

Here's a seasonal test of observation skill. You Tube LinkSee if you can predict when he is going to bin it.
Other points to ponder: -
Where was his tender spot?
Just how high is the centre of gravity on a loaded Victory?
Have you attended one of Mel's How to Lift Your Bike sessions? I bet he wishes he had!
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Re: Holiday on Ice

Postby Billy Burns » Thu Feb 17, 2011 10:30 am

Predict??? Could it be a place where sun don't shine? That solid bit of ice covering the whole of the road, except on the left shoulder, which could clearly be seen, might be a little clue? :shock:

No reaction wasn't helpful. :?:

Not wearing motorcycle gear on any day is plain stupid but not doing so in those conditions is grossly irresponsible.

Nice bike though, even after the tumble.

Serious question. Why does an individual do this ie "I'm a dickhead but to prove it I'll post it on Utube". :roll:

You may detect a lack of sympathy in my posting? You're right it was entirely his own stupid fault and IMHV he is a dickhead.

Billy Burns
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Re: Holiday on Ice

Postby DucJohn » Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:06 pm

Do I understand you to mean you think it was his own fault Billy? :lol:

I thought the tumble was going to happen considerably sooner. There were plenty of shady patches and he kept accelerating over dodgy looking surfaces, and with all that snow on the verges!

It may be a nice shiny bike with a good "chug" appeal, but it sure do have a clunky gearbox.
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Re: Holiday on Ice

Postby tfdodo » Fri Feb 18, 2011 12:27 pm

wow. This is why all the do-good-ers want to 'protect us from ourselves' ...
although in fairness it can be hard to remain cautious when there's snow all around but the roads have appeared consistently clear for many miles. Combine that with the average "advanced observation is looking as far ahead as the bonnet mascot" approach and you get this... a few more thoughts
-do Victorys tend to attract non-bike-riders ? his gear was ... well there wasn't any, just 'clothes'
-his concern about the car driver seems to indicate a very fundamental lack of appreciation of the difference between "4-wheeler on ice" and "2-wheeler on ice"
-I really wondered whether he'd think about the kickstand before or after lifting the bike :shock:

I was also amazed he lasted that long frankly. Nice scenery tho [including the mountain-sized bike ] . And at least he has enough luggage space to carry his busted bits back home :twisted:
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