Super Sunday - Jan 2013 - THERE ISN'T ONE !

Details of forthcoming Super Sunday events.

Super Sunday - Jan 2013 - THERE ISN'T ONE !

Postby melmac » Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:22 pm

Just a reminder for the keen riders amongst you, that all those involved with running the Super Sunday events throughout the year come rain, shine, snow, frost and we have seen our fair share of those during the year, so Green team, committee, observers etc are having a well deserved rest in January to recharge their batteries and plan for the year ahead in 2013

so just to remind you all


The next one will be on February 3rd so plenty of time to go out and round up some more interested people especially given the surge in motorcycle tests recently to beat the change in how you get a motorcycle license.

see you in Feb

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Re: Super Sunday - Jan 2013 - THERE ISN'T ONE !

Postby tfdodo » Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:08 pm

oh no - [b]Butty Withdrawal Symptoms[/b] ! :eek:

[read that carefully, no smut here !]

and just a note to say (from someone who just turns up & does rides) a big Thank You for all the green team guys & gals who put work in both front-of-house, and behind the scenes, to make it all run smoothly. (Standing in the cold rain by the car parks looks like a particularly thankless task) .. but still essential. Thanks folks.

And if you're still riding (as I am) on the slitheriness out here that is our road system - use judgement, discretion, and advanced skills and D-F-C :mrgreen:

Shiny side up, rubber side down & keep it on the grey bits, and have a Happy Christmas.
Rubber side down,
Nick A (SO-Team B)

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Balance Safety and Joy
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