Wannabe a BAM Observer information sessions

Details of forthcoming Super Sunday events.

Wannabe a BAM Observer information sessions

Postby Billy Burns » Sat Mar 31, 2012 12:56 pm

A reminder to anyone wishing to know what is involved in becoming an Observer. :eek:

There is now a regular Super Sunday "Wannabe a BAM Observer information session" directly after the main business which will be about 10am.

This is not only a chance for you to explore the possibility of becoming an Observer but is also the first step in that process. :-0

There are no obligations on either side. It is what it says on the tin, an information session.

See you there.

Billy Burns
BAM Chief Observer

Please note: You must be a fully paid up member of IAM & BAM

An outline of requirements/commitments to becoming a BAM Observer

You need to be available and willing to commit the time to successfully completing the training program.

Be willing and available to commit to taking an Associate on a regular basis for several years following your training.

As an Observer attend Super Sundays regularly i.e. most months.

Take an Associate on training runs most weeks of the year.

Spend several sessions working with Green Team, Front desks and the Super Sunday Observer team. i.e.What happens when a newbie turns up.

Become familiar with the processes following Super Sunday newbies joining BAM as Associates.

An approx. 100 mile ride to assess level to be well above IAM test level. (We will help you to achieve this if you are unsuccessful in the first instance)

A day’s classroom training followed by a theory test (You need to be familiar with Motorcycle Roadcraft (this is Observer level), Highway code and How to be a better rider (IAM Member/Associate level) BEFORE you attend day course.

Successfully complete the theory test which consists of 10 Roadcraft, 10 Highway Code and 6 BAM questions.

Successfully complete the On-road Observer positioning training (3-4 hours)

You are then attached to a BAM team and a Senior Observer mentor. Successfully complete the “On the job” training program covering all the sections of the training check card.

This will be will achieved by shadowing, acquiring and demonstrating Observer techniques whilst on a run with a Senior or Qualified Observer with their Associate. You will also be required to perform any additional training your SO mentor suggests.

Following successful completion of all sections of training card and following a pre validation ride recommendation by your SO mentor you are then put forward for the final Validation assessment by the Chief Observer or his nominee.

Success will result in being awarded your BAM Gold Qualified Observer badge. From that point you will be able to have your own Associates allocated to you by your Team Leader.

From the classroom training day this will take about a year but can be achieved in 6 months if you put in the time and commitment.

To deliver this program involves considerable commitment from numerous BAM volunteers, that is our time & commitment to you
Billy Burns
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